Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Boston Asian Car Club’s Cars & Coffee!

So I have to admit when I found this event I found it way too late to post on the Calendar on the Website… Honestly, I stumbled on it when researching other events and then I noticed my new Car Friend Allen Harris listed himself as “Going” on the Facebook event… “Should I go or should I stay now” was being played in my head. “If I go There may be trouble, and if I stay there maybe double?” But I digress… I’m a horrible singer anyway…

I grabbed my camera, through a few sodas in a small cooler, and loaded into the Corvette, and headed down to Wrentham Massachusettes. Google said I should be there in an hour and 15 minutes… I maybe did it in under an hour and let’s just say the Corvette may or may not have done the speed limit all the way down… 

No Coffee but a bunch of Cars!

The event was hosted by the Boston Asian Car Club. Admittedly it was a “Pop Up” event and we all met at the “Supercharged Entertainment” in Wrentham. Sad to say that it seems the caterer they tried to get to serve Coffee did not show up… But what did show up is a bunch of Cars! More than I was even remotely expecting to see. I kind of hope they can make this a regular thing (Hint Hint) because what a cool place and what a cool group of folks.  

The clouds in the sky and super bright sun made for a challenge taking photos but I did my best and tried to capture some beautiful vehicles that for the most part filled the Parking lot. Allen Shot some Video and I took my pictures and then we talked to a few folks and talked about Cars and a few topics for him to tackle on his show “The Car Grumps” 

There seemed to be a lot of comraderies and good fellowship of car folks just having a good time looking at Cars and having a good time. 

Check out what we saw in the Gallery below:

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Joel Chappell

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