Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Cruise-N-Milford Turned up the Heat

On a whim, I decided that since it has been raining so much and it seemed as if this was the first time in a bit that it was not raining on a Tuesday I would stay local and hit up Cruise-N-Milford in my hometown. The running joke is that it would soon have to be turned into a boat show. But damn, Someone needs to turn on the air-conditioner because it was almost 100 degrees in the humidity! Turn the darn heat off will ya!

C3 – Hit! You sank my Corvette!

Bad Battleship pun aside, I showed up a bit early and noticed a few C3 Corvettes were already in attendance. I thought about parking next to this stunning yellow one. But I realized it would make my C4 look bad. It was flawless as far as I could tell. perfectly appointed with black interior and of course a 4-speed manual transmission. 

My Favorite Cadillac

As usual, our former retired Fire Chief had 2 of his vehicles here. The fire Truck that he originally served with early in his fire career in Milford and his wife drove in their beautiful late 50’s Cadillac. Look at that thing. It’s between 25 feet and 3 miles long Red and perfect. I’ve seen this thing so many times but I still get lost in it’s visual ability to stun me. I could take hundreds of photos of this car and still want to take more. 


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