NewEnglandAutoShows.com is pretty “New” to the scene. Therefore, we get a lot questions and confusion as to “What and who we are” and “What we are doing” and “Why.” Below is a listing of the questions we get  from the most basic to the complex about or website and our service.

General Frequently asked Questions

What is NewEnglandAutoShows.com?

NewEnglandAutoShows.com is a website dedicated to spreading the word about local “Car Shows” and “Cruise-Ins” located in the Greater New England Area.

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I know about a car show that you do not have listed. How do I get you the info?

I’m so glad you asked! You can use our contact page.. Alternatively, if you have a facebook account, feel free to ask to be added to our facebook group page and send the info that way. I try to add the info as soon as possible. If you do not have all the info I will try alternative methods (google) to find out more info. 

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I keep seeing the acronym NEAS or #NEAS? Errrr what is that?

NEAS is the acronym for New England Auto Shows. You can use the #NEAS to easily search both Twitter and Facebook for our posts. 

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How does this site pay for itself if you do not charge to list Car Shows?

It doesn’t… Someday I hope that I may get enough followers that the Google addsence and Amazon adds may pay enough for the hosting and maybe for some of the gas to get to some of the shows… As of now? It comes out of Joel’s Pockets…

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Does it cost anything to have the Car show I run listed?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! I refuse to charge Car Shows!!! Period!!!

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Are there other social media companion pages?

There sure is. I have created companion Twitter and facebook pages. they pretty much have the most up to date info and I will usually use them to share our new content as well as upcoming shows withing the week. links to them are at the top and bottom of this page.

Alternatively, click on the below links:


Be sure to check out the link tot he group page on facebook as well.

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Who is NewEnglandAutoShows.com?

As of now? NEAS is pretty much run by the following staff:

Photography and Photo editing: Joel Chappell
Web Designer: Joel Chappell
Copy Editing: Joel Chappell
Lead writer: Joel Chappell
Staff Writer: Joel Chappell
Calendar Editor: Joel Chappell
Social Media Director: Joel Chappell
President: Joel Chappell
Vice President: Joel Chappell
Marketing and Promotions: Joel Chappell

What can I say, I wear many hats…. And hence why there are so many mistakes….

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When was NewEnglandAutoShows.com started?

A lot of people ask this question because they have never heard of NewEnglandAutoShows.com. And the reason because the website only became live July of 2017. So – We’re still pretty new at this. 

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Questions about Listing

I run a Car show and I would like you to list our show. what do I do?

Use our contact page. It even has a way to attach a flyer if you have one or simply attach a photo from your last show or even just a logo is fine.

If you can please make sure to include contact phone numbers or e-mail addresses that can be used by enthusiasts to ask questions. If there are Facebook group pages that have the event or even a companion website please do not hesitate to include those and I will put them on the event listing. 

Did you know that if other websites that get crawled by Google and other search engines see a link from another website it raises your search ranking and makes it easier for others to find your show? An added bonus is that NewEnglandAutoShows.com uses tags and SEO to make your event easier to be found via our event listing.  

SO send us as much info as you can including links to registration info. 

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I know about a show that you don’t have on the Calendar but I do not run the show. So -Should I send you the info?

YES!! Please do so!!!

Even if it’s a breadcrumb I will do some google searches and/or ask a few other folks I know if they know something… 

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How Does NEAS get all of these shows?

That’s a complicated question and also requires a bit of a confession:

I scour the internet looking for information on Cruizes, and Car Shows, to put on the calendar. I attempt to do a lot of due diligence. SO where do I find these events? Truth be told I often use the following sources for my events:

Now, I realize there are some that may say if I use someone else’s work to add to my calendar I am belittling the work they have done and/or stealing their work. But their ultimate goal is to get these Car Shows to a broader audience. Indeed I share that sentiment and I know for a fact that when I “like a car show” on facebook and “share it” it immediatly shows up on a few of the above sites I use above. 

So yes, I confess that I often take shows from other facebook pages and websites. But then I do some due diligence and add even more info if I can to the web calendar event when I add it. If I can find more contact info I add it. If I find a companion facebook event or page, I add it… If I find a website I add it.  But ultimately, I hope to have an organized calendar of all these events.

I do this because I love Car Shows and I want to spread the word about them if I can. 

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Questions about Privacy

I’m sensitive about my Privacy. How do you handle it?

You should be sensitive about your privacy and it is something we take very seriously. We want you to know that NewEnglandAutoShows.com is sensitive to the issue of confidentiality in it’s online dealings and is committed to protecting individual privacy. To that end we have a very detailed “Privacy Policy” located here.

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Questions about our Terms of Service (“Terms”, “TOS”)

Is there any kind of user agreement for this website?

Yes there is. NewEnglandAutoShows.com is a “FREE” service to it’s users and those who are hosting and putting on the “Car Shows” and “Cruise-ins.” That being said there is still a general Terms of Service (“Terms”, “TOS”). Please read them by clicking here.

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