Saturday, June 15, 2024

About is a website all about spreading the word about local “Car Shows” and “Cruise-Ins” located in the Greater New England Area. does DO NOT discriminate on the type of Cars and or Car Shows being showcased on the site. To Clarify, does not Run any of these shows or events listed on this site. (Yet – we are thinking about starting an event.) 

The Love of the Automobile is shared by many

We believe the love of all kinds and types of Automobiles is a love that can be shared by all. Whether you drive a Classic 50’s Gasser, a Volkswagon Beetle, a Corvette, a Pony car, or even a Mini, We all have a story as to why we love the Cars we choose and love and we all should welcome all of those who have that love for the Automobile.

Welcome to was founded in 2017 and specifically, it was just about listing Car Shows and cruises on a calendar. Later we would go to the shows and take some pictures to share what we saw at these shows. We are obsessed with Car Shows and the Cultures and Enthusiasts at these events. 

We are an independent, review-driven, Car-Show-Enthusiast-First, website that strives to be agile and innovative in ways other Car Shows websites and Publications cannot be. Unquestionably we aren’t beholden to tradition, advertisers, or anyone else; we work for our followers, our readers, and the Automotive Enthusiasts.

We also believe that it’s OK if other sites do what we do… We are OK if people take information for a car show and post it on their website. because we believe getting information about Car Shows to the automotive Enthusiest is important to the survival of the Car Culture.

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