NewEnglandAutoShows.com is a website dedicated to spreading the word about local “Car Shows” and “Cruise-Ins” located in the Greater New England Area. We DO NOT discriminate on the type of Cars and or Car Shows being showcased on the site. To Clarify, NewEnglandAutoShows.com does not Run any of these shows or events listed on this site. (Yet – we are thinking about starting an event.) 

The Love of the Automobile is shared by many

We believe the love of all kinds and types of Automobiles is a love that can be shared by all. Whether you drive a Classic 50’s Gasser, a Volkswagon Beetle, a Corvette, a Pony car, or even a Mini, We all have a story as to why we love the Cars we choose and love and we all should welcome all of those who have that love for the Automobile.


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