Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Cruise-N-Milford has 67 Vehicles and a new Facebook page!

After a bit of a Hiatus, I was able to attend Cruise-N-Milford on September 12th this week. It was my Wedding Aniversary this last weekend so sorry folks, my priorities were with my wife. So –  no car show coverage this past weekend. 

Last Show of the Season

It was announced that this past Tuesday would be the last event for the season. With that in mind, I figured I better make an effort to attend. I showed up pretty early and I’m glad I did because let me tell you, the lot was full.  

Some different cars

1985 Chevy Celebrity Type-10 with under 10k miles!

How often do you see a 1985 Chevy celebrity Type 10 with under 10k original miles. A red one showed up and according to the owners, she was used in the Rochester school system as a car to diagnose basic issues. all original with exception of muffler and tires. The paint is little scratched due to students rubbing up against her but wow. 

Facebook Page! 

Sometimes I felt as if I might have been the only other person promoting this event through facebook pages other than Brian from the Target facebook page. but they finally put one up and you can get to it by “Clicking Here.

Check out our Pics:

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