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Rain Rain Went Away Old Orchard Beach Show Went on Anyway

Despite the dark gloomy clouds, the line of cars staged up to enter the Old Orchard Beach Car Show was almost more than a mile and a half long… Meh maybe it was a mile I dunno but it was a lot of cars waiting in line and by the time I registered and got into said line…I was pretty far back…

But first, an apology is in order

I didn’t have this years event on my website. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing it on facebook… Because I know I found it… Hell, I was even watching the updates… I could have sworn I had it on the Calendar… I had last years event on the calendar… But this year? I flubbed up! I dun messed up A-A-Ron… So I must apologize to NOT ONLY the Organizers of the Old Orchard Beach Car Show. But also to everyone who uses my site and might not have even known about this show…

Did I mention the Clouds?

SO – After parking with the rest of the Corvette group, I set up my chairs and then began shivering… I was kind of chilly… Thus I went back to my car and got into a jacket… always come prepared to t a show for the weather… Especially in New England…

Bigger on the inside

I began looking around. Those of you who follow my facebook page, (You ARE following my facebook page right?) saw my picture where I looked around from the corner. I was actually not expecting the Venue to be as large as it was. And by the way, it’s a nice venue. There’s food on site and of course, you can leave and do a short walk to the pier and look at the ocean.  

Joel Shut up and talk Cars for cryin’ out loud!

Ahem, but I digress. Walking about with my camera I waxed nostalgic in the F-Body location. Camaros and Firebirds lined up. My Childhood favorite: The Trans Am in all it’s glorious black painted beauty with a Screaming Thunder Chicken on the hood. Someday I will find either my Dad’s 79 or I’m gonna find one just like it so I can relive my youth. And possibly grow a mustache and pretend I’m Burt Reynolds. 


Invader Zimmer!

Walking onto the field I found one of my first encounters in a very long time with an 80’s neo-classic car. All decked out in red was what appeared to be an Excalibur… But I realized it was, in fact, a Zimmer Golden Spirit… This thing is Glorious to behold in all its garish style. I just love it! I actually had followed the car into the venue and let me tell you, as we drove the mile in, every bystander gave that car a second, even third, look! And on top of that, they pulled out their phone to take a picture of it! And why wouldn’t you want to take a picture of this beauty?


Haphazard Coolness

And not even 2 maybe 3 cars away was another blast from my past. A mint condition Chevrolet Chevette. Many have said the Chevrolet Chevette was haphazardly put together and drastically under-powered. Meh, yeah, but how many of them do you still see on the road? I think that’s cool! Plus it reminded of back in the day when my Mom drove one as a Company Car. 


And then this Gorgeous thing 

Look at this car…


I could stare at this all day… It was very hard to get these pictures of this car. The owner was swarmed with people talking to him and looking at the machine. fitting printed on this car were the words “laissez le bon temps rouler” Cajon french for “let the good times roll!” And man this thing must be fun as hell. I would love the owner to contact me with more details. The number 53 on the front could mean it is a type 53 but I thought the 53 was 4 wheel drive. Regardless, this thing is Beautiful!

Moi aussi LS2

My Horrible french thinks that is “Me Too LS2 because parked only 2 cars away from me was this stunningly Resto-moded Corvette C1. I have always said that if the motor blows in my C4 I would find an LS2 to stuff in it. Who wouldn’t want a 400 HP LS2? But in a C1? thankfully he had also put C4 suspension and modern braking components to stop all that power. And here is the best part! whenever a kid came and looked at his car he would ask them if they wanted to sit in his car! That my friends is exactly how you attend a Car Show and perpetuate our hobby! Well Done Sir! both on the Car and the attitude!


I could go On and On

You know, I never know if I’m saying too much or too little. I would love to hear feedback on that. Nobody has said anything really…  I did leave slightly early. I was in the area celebrating a younger friend’s Birthday that was organized by his wife.  We all came to Old Orchard Beach to Celebrate Joe’s Birthday. So – Happy Birthday to Joe! Again,  if you are reading this. He went off to play Disk Golf while I came out to play Matchboxes with my Car Show compatriots.

After the rain, I stayed a bit more and then left a bit early to catch up with my wife who was shopping with the other ladies in our group, and then “Birthday Boy” and rest of the guys and continue celebrating. All-in-all a great weekend with Great friends and Great Cars!

Check out the rest of the Cool Cars that I saw in the gallery below!

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