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Amherst NH Lions Club Car Show 2022

For the last couple of years, I’ve driven by Amherst NH Lions Club Car Show. If I’m honest, I never felt it got the attendance it deserved.  Most Lions Club Shows have Trophies and they always raise money for good causes. But This year, This show seemed to finally get the attendance I had been hoping for this show.

LateI was late.

I was late to arrive and thus, as a result, I was not able to park amongst the other cars… Could I give you a myriad of reasons why I was late? No, I have none…  Maybe it worked out because I had to leave to attend a memorial event (See facebook posts.)  But because I was late I figured out that there were a lot more cars than I was expecting. And that’s a good thing…

MoparsThe Mopars Took Over

Probably a full third of the attendance was a whole lot of newer Mopar Challengers in attendance… they took up almost both sides of a parking aisle. And that’s cool because they have been supporting this show as a good place to meet up and catch up with each other. 

An abundance of other cars

There were other cars to look at ranging from some nice 1930s and Earlier vehicles, Tractors, and even a sprinkling of exotics. Cars were forced to park in the regular parking of the Amherst Lowe’s Parking area, and even some of the cars there were really stunning… A yellow Chevrolet Cheyanne pickup truck really caught my eye and camera. 

But check out some of the cars we say in the gallery below.  

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