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10 Things You Should Bring to a Car Show or Cruise-In

Here is a quick and dirty list of the “Stuff” you should make sure to bring when you bring your car to a car show or cruise-in. Some of these items are kind of obvious, some of these are a “must,” and some of the items are “optional.”

So what should you Bring?

  1. Money: It’s King and universally accepted for all purchases and registration fees
  2. Detailing Supplies: Maybe you drove through a quick rain or a puddle… or the bugs got a little thick on the way… Have a way to do a quick clean up…
  3. A Few Microfiber Towels: You are going to need them for Number  2 above.
  4. Bag Chairs: You will need to rest your feet especially if it’s a larger show
  5. Sun Block for your Skin and Sunglasses for your eyes: The sun can be brutal at some of these shows. Protect your skin and eyes from UV and maybe even wear a hat. Don’t forget your ears…ask me how I know…
  6. Contact information: You will meet new friends, maybe see parts you might want to buy later… have a way to give your contact info…
  7. Chips? Maybe even some Dips?: You might get hungry and maybe #1 will feed you from a vendor have a backup plan if you do not have enough of #1…
  8. Are You Thirsty? Bring Water… You can bring soda too But I suggest at least a few bottles of genuine cold water when in the heat and sun. 
  9. Pictures: You restored this beauty to its former glory. You documented this work. Bring those progress pictures with you.
  10. Towels and/or a Blanket?: Did you dump water on your head to cool off in the heat? Maybe other friends showed up, forgot their chairs. put a blanket on the grass have a picnic with stuff you bought from vendors with #1 or the stuff you brought in #7 and #8…

So there you have it the 10 things to bring to a Car Show… What else should you bring? 


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