Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Target Cruise on a June Evening

It Was June 24th 20 something or over and I decided I needed to go look at some Cars at the Target Cruise on this June Evening… 

Not Intending to take Photos

I had my Camera but my plan was to just enjoy the evening and see my usual Car peeps… But then really cool Cars showed up. Thus, Camera in hand I took some photos…

The Kool Bus

While School is out for the summer it did not deter the super-charged “Kool Bus” to show up at the Target Cruise on a June Evening. It was definitely getting the attention of many of all ages. 

Kool Bus 2 Kool Bus 1

Many Corvettes

The Southern NH Corvette group shows up with many numbers at this show now. They then go off to eat at a restaurant after. My Buddy Steve wanted to go someplace else so we, unfortunately, did not join in on their festivities. Maybe next time. 

But Check out what I saw in the gallery below!

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Joel Chappell

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