Cruise-N-Milford Moves to Grill 603

“I think we need a bigger Lot?” This place was packed!

Wow! I gotta say, it was nice to see the massive turnout for this little Show.  Many of the usual suspects of Milford Showed up including myself with my Wife included. According to those regulars, it’s estimated that about 3x the usual amount of cars showed up.

Since I am a “Milford Townie” myself, I saw many a familiar face and car. An old acquaintance who was a neighbor where my Wife and I had our first apartment, showed up with a 1992 Corvette that photos beautifully. (see below) 

Quite a few new cars I had not seen and Other cars I had not seen in a long time were in attendance. After we checked out the “Local Iron” and some of the unfamiliar vehicles, my wife and I decided to try and see if we could belly up to a table and get a beer and burger at Grill 603 who was gracious enough to Welcome Cruise-N-Milford attendees.

Since we waited a bit, we were able to get a high table and enjoyed some delicious drinks and burgers and went back out just in time to see much of the attendees packing up.


Joel Chappell

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