Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Manchester Firing Line Cruise Night

Monday night I decided to attend the Manchester Firing Line Cruise Night. I had heard rumors it was not a very large event, but few of the regulars spoke highly of it. Honestly, I thought it disappointing that there were so few in attendance. It’s My Hope that By me writing about this event maybe we can change that.

There was a Band and Food

A food truck was located at the entrance to the show parking area. Burgers and fries and other foods were available.. Music was being played by a live band and that was quite cool. 

And not for nothing, you could go inside and do some shooting and speak to a few shooting experts. 

But it’s all about the Cars

It was a cruise night and while there were only about 30 Cars there, They were actually quite cool. I would say that if more would get here the Quality of Cars would be quite spectacular. Seriously folks, we need to be attending this one and making it grow… It’s a great location and they seem to really want to give out quality awards for a people’s choice… Go to this event and make sure all your car friends go too. 

Check out the cool cars in attendance in the gallery below:

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