Classic Cruise Night at Murphy’s!

While Classic Cruise Night at Murphy’s had Started earlier, In June, I Was not able to make it to my First Murphy’s Cruise until a bit later in the month. It’s a newer venue we have covered before but it never seems to disappoint with interesting iron, plastic, steel, and all-out beautiful cars to look at. 


This was the debut of my secondary machine to show that I have decided to name Winston JEEPFUN. My 2006 Jeep Wrangler was actually getting a bit of attention at the Show. So – that was kind of Cool. I showed up topless, Errrrrr, The jeep had no Top… As it was a gorgeous night.

Show Dat Ass!

I have seen showrunners Mick and Gerri Thomches at many events in and around New Hampshire and we get to joke around a lot. Gerri brought her beautiful black Mustang Convertable LILDOLL instead of their usual Yellow Swinger affectionately known by many as DARLA. They were shouting out to me to make sure I got a picture of Gerri’s Ass… Uhm – The Ass of her mustang that is… And this car was looking pretty good tonight with some chrome inserts. 

Check out the 2 shots I got here of the front and back:


Those Moments

Every once and a while I catch moments of folks looking at a machine or looking around at what may be pulling in. This shot kinda captures Both. It’s a great shot that is now one of my favorites as it has someone appreciating that stunning Yellow Hotrod that always draws people in and look at that guy behind the car looking at what may be pulling in to park.

Whats That?

Those are moments I love at Car Shows. People looking at and appreciating great Cars. And that’s what always happens at Classic Cruise Night at Murphy’s

Check out all the other cool cars we saw in the below gallery

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