Saturday, June 15, 2024
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44th Annual Anheuser-Busch Show and Shine Filled With Cars!

So imagine if you will, that you take the beautiful training grounds of the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales, In Merrimack NH, with its walking paths, huge grassy lawns, and fill it with 500+ of your most favorite types of Cars. That pretty much sums up the “Show and Shine event that is run by the East Coast Camaro Club.

Hundreds of Cars!

I lost count at 238 and by 11:30 and on they were still trickling in! They just kept coming in and it was every variety too. There had to be well over 500+ (607 is an unofficial number that I have heard) and there was just no way for me to photograph all of them. I tried but It got to the point that I would look at a car, turn my head, and my late diagnosed ADD would kick in, and I would see another car just as beautiful and/or unique as the last one and forget to snap the picture. 

A KindigitBitchin’ Ride Camaro” was in attendance, as well as a “General Lee that” I was told was in the Movie. 

We Started Early.

My Friends from my very first Job in High School Jay, with his Black 79 C3 Vette, and Al, with his Buick Grand National, met At my place early in the morning. We met another friend of Al’s, for a quick bite of breakfast from “Dunks” (Dunking Donuts) and by 8:45 the fields were already brimming with Cars. 

Jay was a little leery of showing his C3 thinking that nobody would give it a second glance. I argued that every car means something to everyone so, there will always be someone who will want to look at any car. and with eh amount of people we saw in attendance? Yeah, this was a non-issue.  Many people looked at our cars as well as the myriad of other cars. There was a car in attendance for every enthusiast group. 

A special shout out to The East Coast Camaro Club and the Aneaser-Busch facility for putting on a great show!

Check out this selection of Cars:

(Please note: When there are more than 50 pics you have to select the next page at bottom of the thumbnails to view the next 50.)

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