Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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JAK Kustoms First Car Show a Huge Success!

Now, I have not attended a lot of “Car Shows” as a person bringing a Car. While I’m certainly not embarrassed to bring my car to a Car Show, I know for a fact that My car is not going to win any prizes by any means.

But now that I have a “Car to Show” It’s kind of obligatory to register. I do not mind at all especially when I know the registration fee is going to a good cause. 

On July 15th I attended JAK Kustoms their first Anual “Salute the Troops” Car Show. And let me tell you: I think they are lying! This is not their first Car Show… There is just no way! It seemed way too well planned and way too well laid out and they had good sponsors, and they had good prizes and they raised a really good amount of money for their Charity. (Well over $3000.)

But I had a great time and the Cars in attendance were all over the spectrum from the Rat Rods to Exotics, and of course the Classics, Hot Rods, and One of the most beautiful Packards in the State of NH. 

I’m definitely looking forward to Next years show! Check out some of these beautiful cars!


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Joel Chappell

Joel Chappell or MrJoelieC (Pronounced: Mister-Joe-Lee-See) Is a guy passionate about "Car Shows" and the "Automotive Scene." For the last few years, he has been getting back into photography to share what he sees at the many Cars Shows he tries to attend. he has created a few websites, and because of his passion for cars and car shows he made this one – the one you are on now.

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