Cruise-N-Milford August 1st A Blast!

So My wife and I decided to get in Vette and leave the teenager in charge at the house. We motored out to Grill 603 who have graciously allowed the organizers of “Cruise-N-Milford” to hold their events in their Parking Lot along with the Neighbors at Sal’s Pizza. 

An Awesome Venue

Let’s talk about the venue for a second. Car shows bring Business. And I can tell you, in talking to some employees of Grill 603, they will tell you they made a huge mistake in not having enough staff on hand the very first night they decided to host “Cruise-N-Milford’s” event a few weeks ago. My Wife and I still had a delicious meal that night, and last nights was just as delicious!

Once word got around that you could get a decent burger, or in last nights case; an appetizer of delicious fritters loaded with Corn and Bacon, (and I heard another guy a few seats down at the bar raving about his “SS Chicken Fried Steak,”)  Mmmmmmmmmm…… Yeah, they do some business… Car guys and gals are hungry and thirsty, and Grill 603 is just the place to take care of yourself. Good food and Good people!

Door Prizes and 50/50

I bought myself 10 bucks worth of 50/50 raffle and got nothin’ but that was ok because as you pull in with your car to show, you are handed a raffle ticket and you might get a door prize. And I did as I was able to choose my gift and picked up a bottle of tire shine! Woo- Hoo!! as I was getting low. 

Some of the Same Cars but a few new ones as well. Got to talk to a very friendly couple parked next to me in a beautiful Black late 40’s MG that had me so enraptured I neglected to ask the exact year and model. You’ll see it below.

A Good time was had at a smaller venue that still packs in quite a few cars!

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Joel Chappell

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