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My Top 7 YouTube Car Related Channels from a YouTube Addict

YouTube LogoI’m kind of a YouTube addict. No, seriously it’s a bit of a problem. It Has every single one of my interests covered. I can waste hours upon hours in a day surfing YouTube. I very often get lost in what I call the “YouTube Rabbit Hole” all the time. I’ll watch the highlights of  Graham Nortan, then see a link to someone reacting to a new Band, then watch stuff about sci-fi, See reviews of Camera Equipment, and of course, I’ll watch a ton of videos about Cars.

The “subscribe” option on YouTube

I know, many are annoyed when a “Youtuber” says “Like and Subscribe” but if you enjoy the content you should subscribe. If you log in to YouTube with a Google account, you can subscribe to channels so they will usually show up when new content is posted. 

I decided to make a list of my favorite channels that I subscribe to that is Car Related. These are not necessarily in order of my preference except maybe one of them, and I will save him for last. 

#7  Mustie1

This guy is one of those rescue shows. Which is honestly my favorite type of content. He does not only rescue old cars, but he’ll do just about anything that is mechanical. A few days ago he wrenched on a Log Splitter the First Video I ever saw of his was when he got an old Volkswagen Beetle fired up… He works on a lot of VWs if I’m honest but it is cool.

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Here is a featured video:

#6 Chris Fix

So I found Chris while actually looking up how to fix the Headlights on my C4 Corvette. He actually has a video on how to do it! But Mostly Chris has some cool “how-to” videos and occasionally he does some really funny bits. His delivery is fast and to the point. and you can easily pause to follow along on some of them. He has a fantastic video on how to superwash your car with really good info on how to clay bar. I’ve learned a lot from Chris that I thought I knew but turns out sometimes I’ve been doing it wrong…

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Here is a favorite Video

#5 Executive Automotive Society

Allen is a good friend of my website. He and I not only IM each other on facebook but I have been a guest on a few of his videos as well as a podcast that he was hosting for ECS Magazine. Allen has some interesting Content ranging from unboxing of car-related merch, what it’s like to drive, and Car Show reviews. 

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Here is a favorite video: 

#4 Sara -n- Tuned

Sara’s an aerospace mechanic who decided to start a YouTube Channel about Cars. Like many of my YouTube Addict Rabbit hole discoveries, She does Car Reviews and has a few Car Projects that are actually very cool. She’s pretty funny as well. Recently she has been working on one of my favorite cars, a MKII Toyota Supra. She knows her stuff and makes great content.

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Here is a favorite video:

#3 Donut Media

Donut Media is NOT about Donuts. I’m actually trying to think if I have even ever seen them eat a donut on the channel. They do have some very funny but informative content about cars. This is another “YouTube Addict Rabbit Hole” accidental find when I was looking up info on my Civic that I had at the time and I watched one of their “Up to Speed” about everything you could possibly know about the Honda Civic. One of their great new things to do is “Hi-Low” with one of the hosts spending big bucks on the most expensive mods and the other host going on the cheap. 

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Here is a Hi-Low favorite:

#2 Flying Spark Garage

Emily and Aaron Reeves do builds and cool stuff. This is yet another “YouTube Addict Rabbit Hole” find. I was looking at Boat videos and stumbled on the 2 of them rebuilding a boat they bought for 5k. But then I learned that they have a killer GTO (Named Roxy) made by Holden (The Australian GM Division) LS powered. Emily rips it down the Drag Strip and used to daily drive it to boot. They do some incredible builds on many different vehicles and often partner with my #1 guy. 

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Here is a cool video:

Honorable Mention: Mark’s C4 Corvette

Mark is definitely a Top 10 entry but since this is my top 7, and many of my other channels are camera related I figured I would give Mark an honorable mention. He contacted me in a Corvette forum after I had posted how I had replaced the stereo system in my C4 Corvette… Thus I found his Channel and he does some amazing work, and I have referred to his channel for many of my own needs. We realized my stereo upgrade path would not really work for him because his C4 came with the Bose System while mine came with the “bottom-of-the-barrel” Delco System. But he was really cool in our correspondence and I love his channel and feel I should at the very leas give him a nod. 

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Here is a great video:

#1 Vice Grip Garage

I actually stumbled on Derek with one of the suggested videos under another YouTube channel during yet another YouTUBE Addict Rabbit hole search. My first exposure to him was when he bought an abandoned 1970 Cadillac Deville. Derek’s “Schtick” is to find an old car “on the lines” usually “site unseen” that has not been driven in many years. He then works to get the machine running and drives the beast home. And we are not talking 3 miles across town no, we are usually talking hundreds in some cases THOUSANDS of miles. I have seen him fail 3 times. But one time he ended up buying a Pickup truck (Sight unseen) and went to Uhaul to get a car hauler to bring the car home… So It was still a win… 

While yes, he does have a warning to not follow his advice… I have shown his videos to many “Car friends” and we all agree that Derek is a car genius… While he may not have a “Master Mechanic” degree his experience is amazing and I just wish I could hang out with this guy and his entire family for a day… Maybe go to a Car Show with him once. I’m sure a few cold snacks would be consumed and I know we would get along because we just love classic vehicles. I Love his love of family. and I love how his littlest human Bently is following in his footsteps. You have to watch this channel. I literally wait on Fridays for the drop of his latest videos… 

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Here is another of my favorite videos:

So – there you have it

Look, I know what you are thinking. If you are a bonified YouTube Addict, Where is the “Jay Lenno’s Garage” and “insert any other famous actor person who has a channel here.” but these are people who for the most part. are unknowns… “Grass Root” people who decided to embrace technology and had to build their following from scratch. Almost in most cases form nothing. Some of these guys don’t have half the following the others have. 

These folks genuinely love cars. They love the scene and they seem to be (at least by appearances) genuinely good people.

Hope you like this article. Feel free to share it if you agree. 

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