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We Visited RMR Restoration’s Open House and Car Show Event!

A while back I did a quick little blurb about RMR Restoration’s Work on a Beautiful 1970 Plymouth Road Runner. They sent me some kind thank you notes for it and invited me to come down anytime and check out their facilities.

Now, I hate intruding on busy places when I’m not courting them for business but they do have some open houses every once in a while and since they had one this past Saturday I thought it would be a great opportunity to check out their facility and look at a few Cars.

They had invited cars to come in for a bit of a Car Show Off as well and I decided to hop in the Ole Vette and grabbed my camera. It was a bit cloudy, but I figured the Vette was going to probably get wet at the Brandon Masterson Show anyway on Sunday it would be fine.

A wonderful little event

As I pulled in Found some live music being played and a Barbeque set up. Music and Food… Cool… Then some 

Cool Cars began to show up. A Cute as a Button BMW 700 Showed up. And Later a very cool Volkswagen with no Fenders and really cool Retro Wheels pulled in with a Nissan Skyline.

Later a classic 77 Nova showed up and then an early 50’s Jaguar that Small World Moment was owned by A gentlemen that lived right around the corner from my Childhood home. His son and I used to pretend to drive in that very same Jaguar when it sat in his garage from 1970 to the mid 80’s when he finally had it restored. It was breathtaking to look at in its restored perfection.

Touring the facility


But even before all that I was able to meander around the shop and look at a bunch of the “Work In Progress” machines currently being done by the talented folks at RMR. A few Caddies and a 38 and 39 set of Ford coupes were being worked on as well as many other wonderful machines that I just cannot wait to see be completed and possibly making the local Car Show scene.

A Humble Moment for Me

As I was about to head back outside I noticed some pictures of that Road Runner hanging on the wall. I ventured closer and as I got closer my first thought was: “Wow those kinda look like the pictures I took….” Then as I started to read the words with the pictures I realized it was a printed version of the article I had done on this car. I was very humbled and honored that they appreciated my words so much as to hang them up in their main customer reception area.

I spoke for a while with the owners and appreciated their kindness and indeed their efforts to welcome everyone into their shop and answer questions. The Road Runner BTW went to World of Wheels and won a few awards and as part of their representation of that Car, they had decided to do a Raffle for a restored peddle car that the winners received during the open house… I was jealous it was beautiful!

Great People who do Great Work

If you are in need to get your Classic Car or Antique vehicle restored and or modified, do yourself a favor and check out the kind folks at RMR Restorations and become part of their family once your car is done.

Here is their website
Here is their Facebook page

Check out the other Cars that showed up in the below gallery.

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