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The First “Target Cruise” of 2022!

If I can be accused of one thing it is this: Yes, it’s true, I have a soft spot and a genuine affinity and favoritism for the “Target Cruise” in Nashua NH. I have been going to this event pretty much since it started and even when it temporarily moved to “Big Lots” when Target went through a major remodel…

Pretty Big Turnout!

I cannot say for sure that this was the biggest turnout ever. I don’t think so. However, I think it might have been one of the largest turnouts this early in the season ever. The Southern New Hampshire Corvette folks decided to make a special point of getting as many corvettes there for this first event and mine included it seemed the show was a bit corvette heavy but it may have contributed to the large turnout.

but there is always more.

Sure, there were a lot of corvettes. yup. But here is what I have always loved about the “Target Cruise”: Variety… I overheard someone say; “this show usually has a lot more classics” and my response was “It seems to me (And I could be wrong) that many local clubs pick random Fridays to invade.” for instance last night the Corvette club showed up in numbers… a few years ago a “Mini Club”  showed up… The Camaro club might choose a Friday… You never really know…and it’s always a variety.. even with a heavy club presence as the below pictures can attest.

Check out what we saw:

Check Out our First Ever Car Show YouTube Video:


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