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Are Car Guys Sports Fans?

Recently on Social media, I read that on Adam Corolla’s Podcast, he said car guys are almost never sports fans… I really had to think about this… And you know what I think he’s actually on to something… I know a few folks who are sports fans and Car guys but honestly? not really as many when I think about it… The few I know I feel are the exception and not the norm..

I mean, I kind of like sports?

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Hmmm…. Don’t get me wrong I love to watch the Super Bowl or my favorite team in New England… And While I like Basketball… I don’t watch it a lot… In fact, Honestly I only really watch it if I go to a friend’s house who is a Vapid Sports fan… I certainly don’t stop life and say “Hey guys the Celtics are on and I gotta see if they can have a drastic lead until they choke in the 4th quarters? or is it period? (Seems like their thing lately.)

My Jeep with 3:07 Gears and way too big tires…

I can rattle off the stats of my favorite Cars. Like how my Corvette C4 is the Bastard Child of the Corvette world and yet I love mine so very much… I can talk about how horrible 3:07 Gears in A Jeep Wrangler TJ is. How it is the worst gear ratio for any tires larger than 30″ diameters.

I can quote every silly Car Movie. like Cannonball Run, Smokey and the Bandit, And even Gumball… I can even talk about Sci-fi and debate the intricacies of Why Star Wars and Star Trek are equally awesome in their own rights and even debate why Marvel seems to make better movies than DC and DC makes better TV shows than Marvel…

But My Friends who watch Sports look at me as if I’m Weird… Even a Bit Queer… Even though I have a wife and 3 kids who it seems to have the same issues as me… Slight ADHD, Love Sci-fi, movies, computer games, and Yup even Cars and Trucks…

A difference of factoids

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But again I and my Kids have those friends who can rattle off when and who the last hockey player to play helmetless was… They can even tell me about the 20 minute game on one Par 4 hole in 2011… How many Free throws Shaq missed in his Career… When the lights were installed at Wrigley field… ANd who and when the highest-drafted Kicker in NFL history was…

All those facts were taken by my friends with seriousness and intensity… And I mention how refreshing it was for us Car guys when the 1992 Corvette came with 300hp from the factory and I get looked at like I’m out of my mind and then I throw in a Wrath of Kahn quote in the middle of football play on the TV and then this gets mentioned to me:
“Why do you remember such stupid things like that?”

Living and breathing different things

I live and Breath “Cars” and “Sci-fi”… While I like Sports I do not “Live and Breath” sports like my friends do… They can tell you where they were and who was in the room with them when they first watched Larry Bird face off against Micheal Jordan and how the smell of their dad’s Budweiser was in the air and that it was a bit chilly in the house on that November evening…
I talk about that first time I realized that each Car has a distinct smell and how when I got into a BMW 325i I was instantly brought back to my childhood and the smell of my Dad’s 1969 BMW 2002… Or The First time I saw Star Wars was in 1977 at the Bedford Theatre Cinema VI and it was so crowded that I had to sit on my Dad and my sisters’ laps to watch it over this woman’s huge 70’s hairnet hair…
Adam Corolla is right… I guess I’m not really a sports guy…
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