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Greetings to all my Car Show Friends Near and Far COVID-19 has prevented us from participating in our favorite things: Car Shows and Cruises. As such, many have asked why the website has not been posting many updates.

Truth be told I hate to be a part of getting anyone’s hopes up… But I’ve decided this must end… and we must adapt.

We Must Adapt

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So as part of this special announcement I have a few ideas on how NewEnglandAutoShows.com can help Both the Car Showrunners and the Car Show, attendees.

For Car Show and Cruise Runners

Normally at about this time I would be going out and about not only getting my Car Ready to attend the Car Shows located in New England, but I would bring my trusty Camera, and hopefully capture some great shots of all the Cars that Attend the Car shows.

Many of the Car Shows out there have had to either cancel or reschedule. But in some instances, some of these Shows and Cruises have adopted technology and opted for an online social media “Virtual Car Show” Approach. Which is pretty cool.

So I thought: Since I cannot review a live show, how about Allowing NewEnglandAutoShows.com to review your virtual show. Well possibly do a video review with a written review as well on our website. I’ll apologize if some of the Videos don’t seem as polished because as you can tell, I’m much more comfortable behind a camera and behind a keyboard and mouse.

If you allow us we’ll screen capture the Cars Submitted to your virtual shows for both a possible video and put them on our web site for a review. We’ll be sure to have links back to your Facebook pages and any other links so those who look at our pages will remember your effort to keep the Car Show spirit alive in these trying times. And you know what? Give us a list of your feature sponsors who have been with you during these trying times and we’ll mention them!

Car Show attendees

This Idea is a lot more interactive. This will be a hosted event By Yours truly and NewEnglandAutoShows.com. Think of it as a combination of a Car Show, Cruise, and Scavenger hunt.

Be advised, this idea requires you to not only have a facebook account but a smartphone and/or the ability to post pictures to Facebook. It might also work better with a team member/partner. (You can be creative on that front thought)

I will announce a day “Probably a Sunday” Then what we will do is announce a start time… At that point, I will post a list of 5 Items and types of places to find… You must then go out and creatively include the place and/or item in a picture with one of your team members AND Most importantly your Car in the picture.

What are you Talking about Joel?

Here’s an example: I might ask you to Find a “Do Not enter Sign” Thus you must go out and find one you must creatively place your Car and your team member in front of said sign.

There will be a deadline for submittal probably 3:00 PM of the same day. Most Car shows end at this time anyway. 

Points will be given for creativity and how quickly you complete the task. You will submit all your photos at once not individually so all pictures must be in one post. The winner will be decided by me. (Yes I’m a Control Freak) There will be no official scoring system so you must impress with creativity, have a cool car, and hopefully, you will tickle our fancy in choosing your team for a prize…

Observe Social Distancing for safety

The only main rule we ask is that: during all of this you observe and adhere to proper social distancing rules and laws currently in your state and area.

The Possible Prize

The prize will be an Amazon Gift Card Provided by NewEnglandAutoSHows.com. If any sponsors want to donate any items feel free to contact us.

Let us know what you think… Share this video and/or this post with your groups and friends. Be sure to like our facebook page and visit our facebook group page for future announcements. If I get a positive response I will Post Events and request submittal of Virtual car shows. On our website contact page. Additional rules and more detail instructions will also be posted for the specific event

So be sure to let us know what you think and be safe out there and hopefully I will see all of my Car Show friends at a real car show soon!

Below is a Poll question about this announcement. If you all like both ideas we will try our best to do both…

Vote on your favorite Idea for NewEnglandAutoShows.com to Carry Out during our Social Distance Quarantine,

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