First Choice Tires of Milford had a Car Show Off

It was raining quite profusely on the morning of the April 13th and I was looking out the window at my car getting all wet… I was worried and concerned… The first Car show I was bringing the car to was in danger of being rained out… Well… I was not even sure my car was going to be allowed in… It was supposed to be custom cars… I may have added color to the engine compartment but I’m not sure my car qualifies as custom…

It Stopped Raining!

by 9:00 AM the clouds were still out but the pavement was drying. I got my camera gear together and decided to get ready to go. I was getting pinged by a few people wondering if I was going… There really was no excuse for me not to go as the show was literally within walking distance of my house… Well, maybe a bit of a long walk but it’s in my hometown and if people saw me walking it’s a good bet somebody I know would pull over to give me a ride. 

First Choice Tires of Milford Grand Opening!

First Choice Tires with the grand opening of it’s Milford store now has 4 locations. The other 3 are located in Revere MA, Beverly Ma, and a location in Nashua NH. For their grand opening in Milford, they decided to have a “Car Show Off.” It allowed them to show off their selection of wheels and a beautiful showroom… They have a selection of new and used tires and you can go to their website and check out the wheels on wheel visualizer

The Cars Rolled On In.

My Friend John Palmer brought his Incredible Hulk Inspired Camaro. It’s a great car that gets looked at all the time.  I have joked that I will never park next to Jon ever again because when I parked next to him last year at the Elm Street Show in Manchester NH, people went out of their way to NOT look at my car to get photos of his car. But I can’t really blame anyone. It’s a cool car to look at. 

While I think the threat of possible rain kept a lot of people home there was still a decent turnout of all kinds of cars.  From a few cars from the ’50s, to a bunch of Rat Rods, a Few Modern Muscles, Tuners that were stanced, and even a few exotics. Check out our gallery below:  


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