Tuesday, July 23, 2024

No Events Listed on FrontPage At this Time

At this Time NEAS has decided to not display the inaccurate listing of events during the Covid 19 Pandemic. The New England states, as well as many other states in the US, have limited any and all social gatherings or barred them from occurring outright. Until this message is removed, consider any and all events listed on the calendar and main listing as not occurring.

This is a serious time

NewEnglandAutoShows.com is taking this virus and it’s effects very seriously. Thus, we feel at this time no events will be listed until such government restrictions have been lifted by all states. A notice with a link to this announcement will be placed on both the Calendar and event listing pages.

Finding Other Ways

We are currently looking into ways of sharing our love of both Automobiles and Motorcycles in different ways. A format for a sort of “Virtual Car Show” is being investigated as well as ways to leverage Social Media and Video to share the love of the myriad of vehicles. 

Take care of yourselves and consider the following when going out in your classic, muscle or Tuner:

  • Carefully consider whether travel is necessary.
  • Consider using Social media when possible for car-related meet-ups and gatherings.
  • Consider canceling, adjusting, or postponing large car-related meet-ups or gatherings that can only occur in-person.

Please check out the following information from the United States Centers for Disease Control: 

CDC Guidance:

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Joel Chappell

Joel Chappell or MrJoelieC (Pronounced: Mister-Joe-Lee-See) Is a guy passionate about "Car Shows" and the "Automotive Scene." For the last few years, he has been getting back into photography to share what he sees at the many Cars Shows he tries to attend. he has created a few websites, and because of his passion for cars and car shows he made this one – the one you are on now.

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