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Is Covid-19 a Factor for upcoming Automotive Events?

While there are many factors affecting the attendance of our beloved automotive events none has had the scare factor that Covid-19 has had on our collective consciousness. I thought I would kind of tackle this issue and perhaps not only give the “Show Runners” some food for thought but also the potential attendees as well.

The threat of Corona Virus (Covid-19) is affecting air travel and even large corporations are limiting travel for employees. In many instances limiting to business-critical travel. Some training events that corporations have sponsored for their own employees have even in some cases been canceled due to this potential outbreak.

Is it out of fear? Is it warranted? I’m certainly not qualified to answer those questions on my own and to be honest, I’m not sure who really is. I can only tell you what I have read on the Center for Disease Controls website. (CDC)

The CDC is indeed supplying guidelines to both Event coordinators and Event attendees Lets take a look at some of the basics for each

Event Coordinators

  • Attendance might be lower than originally anticipated for early spring events.
  • Plan on absenteeism/cancellations for volunteer staff. Consider asking for more volunteers than you actually need.
  • Provide communications to staff and attendees and do it early and often
  • Consider Sanitizer stations at bathrooms and registration areas. 
  • plan alternative date strategies start contacting your venues for alternative dates
  • consider expanding your planning staff
  • Consider promoting messages discouraging sick people from attending.

Event Attendees

  • If you are sick STAY HOME! It seems like common sense but if you watch the news it seems it may not be for some.
  • Wash Your hands often. Limit touching (You should NOT be touching the cars anyway. See this article.) objects potentially touched by others and as such limit touching your face and wash your hands as much as possible
  • Be patient with Event organizers for all dealings. They are probably just as stressed about this and are also probably volunteers.
  • Consider greeting folks and or other attendees in ways that do not require handshakes.

For everyone, it’s really a time of making sure to use common sense. Be proactive and not reactive. Much of the above advice I garnered from the CDC’s website here but for more information of Covid-19 be sure to check out the CDC’s website here. Hopefully, this will all blow-by and all of the exciting Automotive events throughout New England can carry on as usual.

But until then all Health officials have continued to stress that both the general public take precautions by hand-washing, and for individuals to stay home if sick.

That instruction is especially critical to help protect vulnerable individuals. Younger and healthy people who contract the virus may have mild symptoms. But taking steps to self-isolate when sick helps protects others who are more susceptible to the more serious implications of the virus including the elderly or those with underlying health issues.

So what do I think?

It’s too early to tell if the hype and actual threat of this Virus will affect Attendance to the many Car Shows and Cruises coming. My Opinion is that some of the larger March events may see a smaller attendance. My hope is that normalcy will reign supreme sooner than later and that we will not see a decrease in event occurrences  in the future

Stay Healthy my car Show Friends.

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