2 Years Old and Growing!

I remember the day vividly. I walked into work on a Monday and our Reciever in the backroom who is a fellow “Car Nut” says “Hey there jerky, you bring that fancy Corette of yours over to the Car Show in Candia? I looked at him in confusion. “I thought that show was in August?” I replied… “No that’s the Camaro club Show this one is a weekly one,” he said. 

One Week Later

A week later I came in and asked him if he had gone to the “open house” and Car Show in Merrimack? and my Friend said, “What open house” in Merrimack?

“There’s gotta be a better way!” I said… Sure there are websites that have car shows listed on them… And sure there are newspapers and some web listings and flyers… Sure there are a few announced on facebook… But I wanted a calendar. How come there isn’t a Calendar? And then I said: “Why Don’t I make a Calendar?” The day of my Daughters Birthday I registered the Domain, and a week later I had a simple website with a calendar… 

And thus NewEglandAutoShows.com was born 

In August and September of 2017, I lamented that I only had 20 to 40 visits to the website a day.

Two Years Later

As of today, we average about 1.3k users a day up from 3-400+ users last years, and about 24k user doubling last years 12k users a month. You folks seem to be using the site and even some Car Show organizers are reaching out to me to post up their shows and Cruizes. we have well over 350+ Car Shows and Cruizes listed on our Calendar throughout New England with more shows being added and re-confirmed weekly.  Thank you all for your usage of our little site and most of all thank you for your support and spreading of the NewEnglandAutoShows.com website!


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Joel Chappell

Joel Chappell or MrJoelieC (Pronounced: Mister-Joe-Lee-See) is an amateur web designer. He uses commercial off the shelf, and Free GNU General Public license, software to make his websites. Using these technologies with his limited grasp of HTML, PHP, and even more amateur use of Paintshop Pro Joel he has created a few websites, and because of his passion for cars and car shows he created this one – the one you are on now.

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