Needle in a Haystack with Beautiful Cars and a Monster Truck?

So unfortunately for me, I was still on vacation with my family in Maine camping. So – I was unable to attend this Car Show that I actually had no clue about until just before I left for said vacation. That’s right folks, this is yet another example of that thing I despise: Finding out about a car show that I do not know about and am thus unable to plan on attending.

Volunteer Correspondents to the rescue!

Fortunately for you folks and I, volunteer correspondents Roland and Stacy Beaule let me steal their photos from the event. If you attended a car show and would like us to post your pictures feel free to hit us up at our contact page

The event was hosted by Lunenburg based Inside Out Customs who held the show at what appears to be a beautiful venue (I need to visit this place in my Vette.) at Hollis Hills Farms

It looks as if there were a lot of stunning cars in attendance. Including a Monster truck! That’s Cool!

Check out the photos Roland took:


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