Target Cruise Night August 11 – What Did We See?

One of the coolest things about Target Cruise Night is as Show runner Brian Shattuck often says: “You never know what kind of car might show up.” People could ask you “What did you see at the Target Cruise night?” And you could safely answer with sarcasm: “The better question is: “What didn’t I see at Target Cruise Night?”

What didn’t I see?

Model A’s, Corvettes, Triumphs, Mustangs, Tractor, (Yes a Tractor.) Thunderbirds, Firebirds, Buicks, a Mclaren, a Delorean, a Ferrari, Oh and a Lamborghini… I saw them all…. I did not see a Renault… Hmm – No Corvair either?

But here is what we definitely saw:

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