Friday, May 24, 2024
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Target Cruise Night August 11 – What Did We See?

One of the coolest things about Target Cruise Night is as Show runner Brian Shattuck often says: “You never know what kind of car might show up.” People could ask you “What did you see at the Target Cruise night?” And you could safely answer with sarcasm: “The better question is: “What didn’t I see at Target Cruise Night?”

What didn’t I see?

Model A’s, Corvettes, Triumphs, Mustangs, Tractor, (Yes a Tractor.) Thunderbirds, Firebirds, Buicks, a Mclaren, a Delorean, a Ferrari, Oh and a Lamborghini… I saw them all…. I did not see a Renault… Hmm – No Corvair either?

But here is what we definitely saw:

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Joel Chappell

Joel Chappell or MrJoelieC (Pronounced: Mister-Joe-Lee-See) Is a guy passionate about "Car Shows" and the "Automotive Scene." For the last few years, he has been getting back into photography to share what he sees at the many Cars Shows he tries to attend. he has created a few websites, and because of his passion for cars and car shows he made this one – the one you are on now.

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