Stuff You Should Bring to a Car Show or Cruise-In

Here is a quick and dirty list of the “Stuff” you should make sure to bring when you bring your car to a car show or cruise-in. Some of these items are kind of obvious, some of these are a “must,” and some of the items are “optional.”

So what should you Bring?

  1. Registration tags for the event: If you went online to pre-register for the event and were given a pass to show at the gate and/or display in your window, make sure you don’t forget it!
  2. Cash: If you have to pay an entrance fee at the gate, or want to buy concessions, have a couple Hamiltons in your pocket.
  3. Awards: If you’ve been to multiple car shows before, you might have earned some snazzy awards. Bring these along to impress spectators and other participants. If you won these awards it’s more than Ok to Brag a little bit.
  4. Car info: A poster on the unit itself and its history, plus the model production background, is a great way to help people appreciate how great your car really is.
  5. Quick Detailer: If your car has been collecting dust or has lost a little bit of its sheen, give it a quick wipe-down after you park it at the cruise-in. A shiny body and engine give your car an impressive luster.
  6. A Few Microfiber Towels: You are going to need them for Number  5 above.
  7. Music: Many car cruise-ins feature DJs or bands playing music during the event, but if this event does not, bring a stereo and a mix of tunes from the year your car was built. You can have it playing from inside your car to set the mood for your car’s time period.
  8. Folding chairs: You won’t be spending the whole time walking around and looking at other people’s cars. Give yourself a break and bring some chairs to set up–including a couple extra if friends want to join you.
  9. Protection from the sun: Unless you’re going to a cruise-in on a dreary, overcast day (which is a risk if it rains), you’ll be out in the heat for hours. Protect yourself from the sun with a hat, sunscreen, and small canopy over your chairs.
  10. Sunglasses: Not only will this help you inspect cars without shielding your eyes and add to your stylish look, it will also hide your expressions of disgust, amazement, or glee when you see what some people have done to their cars…
  11. Contact information: Chances are you’re going to make new friends at this event as you mingle with other classic auto enthusiasts. Have your information on-hand in small cards you can pass out to keep in touch with people.
  12. Snacks: Unless there are food vendors at the event, you might be stuck without grub if you don’t bring some food for lunch. Have a bottle of water too.
  13. Pictures: If you’ve put a lot of work into restoring your car, bring pictures of your step-by-step journey and you working on it. This personalizes the car to spectators and will earn you respect as someone who didn’t just buy their car recently.
  14. Towels: If you park your car on the grass and are walking around in the dirt, bring a towel or change of shoes to make sure you don’t track anything into your car at the end of the day.
  15. Your Car: It would be a shame if you put all this preparation into your cruise-in experience and forgot to bring your special car along. Before you pull out of your driveway, make sure you’re driving the car you should be. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…
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Joel Chappell

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