Friday, May 24, 2024
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Manchester Rotary Cruising Downtown

Once again my good buddy Jay and I got up early to go to the Manchester Rotary Cruising Downtown event. Well, I should say I got up early, and then for some reason, I decided to read my e-mail… Check facebook and then pack my camera, some sodas and looked at the clock and went “What the Hell!

So Much for Being Early

I still got in so not all was lost but Jay was now able to make fun of me over it. Meh. As usual, after registering we walked the parking lot to kind of get a prequel look at what we might see on the street. And then we jumped in our cars to hit Elm Street for our parking spots. 

The Year of the Truck

Jay and I felt there was an abundance of trucks this year. That’s not a bad thing at all BTW it just seems like there was more than usual. And the ones that were there were of excellent vintage and quality. I never really get tired of looking at ole’ trucks. While I’m not sure I would own one myself, I just find the vast variety that I saw fascinating. My personal favorite is a 3-way toss-up between a Generation 1 Ford Bronco, a white and yellow mid 70’s Pickup, and a gorgeous K5 Blazer.

The Magic Spot.

Last Year I took a picture of a Type 3 Volkswagon that was lowered and for whatever reason, the sun was just right and the reflections off of the buildings bounced the light perfectly and it became one of my favorite photos from last year. I submitted the photo to my Photography group and I actually got a lot of praise for it. 

This year in almost the exact spot was a Volkswagon Beetle with its original patina clear coated and just glistening beautifully… It was just gorgeous as it sat with a period-correct roof rack and miscellaneous objects piled on top. Just look at this thing!

The NH Muscle Car Club was Flexin’ and Pushin’

The New Hampshire Muscle Car Club was in full force dominating the majority of the Park area. A tent was set up with T-shirts and Raffles. It was here that I played my usual “Where’s Darla” game and saw Mick and his wife who are now members of the club selling Raffle tickets and talking muscle cars. Check out their website for more info on the club. 

A Beautiful Day 

It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people who brought and wanted to look at a lot of beautiful cars from every era. Check out what we saw in the gallery below:


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