NewEnglandAutoShows.com is pretty “New” to the scene. Therefore, we get a lot questions and confusion as to “What and who we are” and “What we are doing” and “Why.” Below is a listing of the questions we get  from the most basic to the complex about or website and our service. 

General Frequently asked Questions

When was NewEnglandAutoShows.com started?

A lot of people ask this question because they have never heard of NewEnglandAutoShows.com. And the reason because the website only became live July of 2017. So – We’re still pretty new at this. 

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What is NewEnglandAutoShows.com?

NewEnglandAutoShows.com is a website dedicated to spreading the word about local “Car Shows” and “Cruise-Ins” located in the Greater New England Area.

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Questions about Privacy

I’m sensitive about my Privacy. How do you handle it?

You should be sensitive about your privacy and it is something we take very seriously. We want you to know that NewEnglandAutoShows.com is sensitive to the issue of confidentiality in it’s online dealings and is committed to protecting individual privacy. To that end we have a very detailed “Privacy Policy” located here.

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Questions about our Terms of Service (“Terms”, “TOS”)

Is there any kind of user agreement for this website?

Yes there is. NewEnglandAutoShows.com is a “FREE” service to it’s users and those who are hosting and putting on the “Car Shows” and “Cruise-ins.” That being said there is still a general Terms of Service (“Terms”, “TOS”). Please read them by clicking here.

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